14 December 2017

2017 /Sourcing Summit & OM Dinershow


  • Petra J Zijlstra has years of global experience as an creative, innovative and result driven business leader in the sales, consultancy and information technology industries. Currently CIO - Manager Group Information Service at Europool System International. 
    Program executive responsible to implement Global application platform including ERP package to support future growth and business need for insights to manage the growth effectively. Previously the Chief Information Officer of KPN IT Solutions, leading IT in the Netherlands. Petra and her team are evolving IT to become a fundamental enabler of growth for both KPN and their customers. and director at Nike European Headquarters both in Sales, Strategic programs and Information technology.  Petra enjoys focussing on achieving exceptional results in highly competitive environments that demand continuous improvements. Experienced in driving people, customer services, products and process and improvements while building partnerships with key business decision-makers. Expertise: Business Leadership, Change Management, Commercieel management, Information Technology, Program and Project management


voor de OM Dinershow 2017

De doelgroep voor dit evenement bestaat uit CIO’s/IT-directeuren, IT-managers en managers verantwoordelijk voor IT-gerelateerde onderwerpen. Toegang is kosteloos voor deze doelgroep.

Als je enige twijfel hebt of je tot deze groep behoort, stuur dan een e-mail aan events[at]ictmedia.nl.