14 December 2017

2017 /Sourcing Summit & OM Dinershow


  • Big data, digital ethics, scenario planning

    Frank is a Research VP at Gartner, covering "digital ethics" and "Information Innovation". With close to 25 years of dedicated experience, Frank has worked as a software developer, project manager, management consultant, industry analyst, strategist and chief marketing officer.

    Frank's professional background in strategy, performance management and organizational behavior gives him a strong perspective across many domains in business and IT. Frank is also a visiting fellow at Cranfield University, guest lecturer at London School of Economics and a TDWI Fellow "emeritus". Frank authored various books, including "Performance Leadership" (McGraw-Hill), "Dealing with Dilemmas" (Wiley), and "Socrates Reloaded" (Beingfrank).

    Frank has published over 100 research papers and articles at Gartner, in professional journals, magazines and press, including the Balanced Scorecard Report, Business Performance Management Magazine, CIO Magazine, and CFO Magazine. One of the case studies from his book “Dealing with Dilemmas” is also available as a Harvard Business Review case study.


voor de OM Dinershow 2017

De doelgroep voor dit evenement bestaat uit CIO’s/IT-directeuren, IT-managers en managers verantwoordelijk voor IT-gerelateerde onderwerpen. Toegang is kosteloos voor deze doelgroep.

Als je enige twijfel hebt of je tot deze groep behoort, stuur dan een e-mail aan events[at]ictmedia.nl.